• EU states ban three insecticides on fields

      A majority of EU member states do not want neonicotinoids in the fields. Many German politicians and nature conservation groups cheer, but not everyone welcomes the free-range ban on insecticides. Brüssel (dpa) – The EU states have approved a free-field ban for three bee-harming insect repellents. According to diplomats, 16 countries in the competent EU committee …

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  • Why Europe’s Insecticide Ban Is Big News for Bees

    Neonicotinoids, or neonics, will be banned for outdoor use in Europe thanks to environmental concerns. The European Union plans to ban the world’s most widely used insecticides in an effort to protect bees and other valuable pollinator insects. The ban, approved by member countries Friday, targets insecticide compounds known as neonicotinoids (also called neonics for …

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  • Nectaflor Natural Honey – Promotional Pack

    Nectaflor Natural Honey Promotional Pack with extra products now available at Tokopedia

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  • Nectaflor Indonesia

    Selamat datang di Nectaflor Swiss, selamat datang di manisnya dunia madu. Ribuan lebah pekerja mengumpulkan nectar dari hamparan bunga-bunga yang indah, hutan-hutan yang rindang dan wilayah pegunungan,  yang menjadi madu Nectaflor. Hanya madu dengan kualitas terbaik dipilih dan disiapkan secara ahli di Swiss dengan teknologi terkini. Setiap produksi dikontrol dan dianalisa secara menyeluruh sesuai dengan aturan tentang makanan …

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